clémentine de chabaneix

Do I even need to say anything? I mean really, that girl holding an alligator kinda says it all, no? This is the ethereal work of French artist Clémentine de Chabaneix. Here are her words about this weird and wonderful work:

…I work with epoxy resin or ceramic, iron and sometimes wood. I often sculpt young ‘Burtonian’ girls, kind of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, teenagers, romantic, a bit gothic. My work is about leaving childhood, metamorphose, struggle… 

Nailed it. Happy Friday.

{found via Club Sensible’s Instagram feed}

comments (5)

  1. Maria Ho /// 06.24.2017 /// 4:01am


  2. Michele Hogan /// 06.24.2017 /// 4:42am

    LOVE her work! I find out about so many great artists on your site and IG ( and then I get to follow them on IG). Thanks for all you do!

  3. cindy sacks /// 06.24.2017 /// 6:22am

    I adore these figures! So evocative, deceptively simple!

  4. Nikkie /// 06.24.2017 /// 9:55am


  5. Catalina Regina Rojas /// 06.27.2017 /// 9:24pm

    This stuff is so gorgeous…..and inspiring

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