SUMMER CAMP 5 : bad art ‘n good snacks

Hello, campers! Here we are at week 5, but before we get started I have to show you just a few of your favorite places “captured with collage”. Since I gave you guys the option of doing a Venice themed collage for the European Cultural Academy contest, I decided that’s the route I’d take too…

“hollywood had not led lana astray – italian men were absolutely effervescent!”

Ahhh, gondolas and gelato – see you soon! And, once again, you all did amazing things with this challenge. From dreamy visions of Venice to art galleries made of cake… here are a few pieces pulled from Instagram via our summer camp hashtag, #AFYEcamp {photo credit links are at the very bottom of the post} :

What?! Seriously, so much goodness lives at this hashtag. Speaking of our hashtag, let’s find out what’s going to show up there later this week…

Art Project No.5:

“Bad Art ’n Good Snacks” : Have you ever done this? It’s such a great way to spend an evening! Here’s what you do – get a group of friends together this week {even just one friend will work}. Everyone shows up with their old art supplies and junky craft materials … you know, the stuff you don’t want in your house – old yarn, glitter, brown acrylic paint, leftovers from the grocery store project. Next, add snacks, wine, s’moreos, whatever you like. Finally, make the ugliest thing you can possibly make – this way the worst thing you’ve ever produced is behind you and there’s nowhere to go but UP! Also, it’s just a really great excuse to hang out with some good friends while eating pizza.

Artist Examples:

Let’s start with a peek at Martha Rich‘s wacky group projects. I’d LOVE to live closer to her for all sorts of reasons, but getting invited to these art nights is right at the top of that list:

Hilarious! Can’t you see this as her bio photo in an art history text book one day? Totally.

And now, onto the gorgeous paintings of Leah Giberson. Yes, these are paintings:

Crazy. And, not only do I love her work, I also love Leah’s story about getting together with her group of artist friends once a month. We should all do that … we all need to do that. Perfect segue into this group of artists… Canada’s “Group of Seven”:

That’s one of my favorite Group of Seven paintings above. It’s the work of Frederick Varley {titled “Stormy Weather”}, and below that is a photograph of Tom Thomson in his ill-fated canoe.

Another member of the group I mentioned, Lawren Harris … and one of his biggest fans:

*Photo of Steve Martin by Gus Burdick, Toronto Star article

And finally, my favorite painting by Emily Carr – the only woman to be considered part of the group:

Oh, so much Canadiana packed into this episode! And with that, our last AFYE campfire is slowly going out. Thank you to Saatchi Art for supporting summer camp, and thanks so much to you for listening! AFYE will be back with Season 2 of artist interviews in September … until then, be sure to hashtag your work this summer on Instagram with #AFYEcamp, and I’ll do the same ~ Danielle xo

Other info/links:

VENICE CONTEST: Make a Venice inspired collage and then post / hashtag it on Instagram with #AFYEcamp AND #JealousInVenice. The weeks you can choose from are the weeks of August 7th, and August 14th {that’s when I’ll be there as one of the instructors}. I will be choosing ONE WINNER on Friday June 30, 2017.

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*Photo credits from Project No.4, in the order they appear above:

1. @metapasteta / / 3. @griffinkcarrick / 4. @kikibirdiestudio / 5. @making_pages  

comments (9)

  1. Lysa Flower /// 06.24.2017 /// 6:42am

    I’ll miss you every Saturday. Full disclosure tho… I’m a teeny bit relieved since now have a chance to catch up on ALL the pod-casts, it’ll be like you’re still here! Enjoy filling up that well, jumping off docks, Venice and writing that book (can’t wait for that!). Have a wonderful summer!

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.24.2017 /// 7:09am

    thank you SO MUCH, lysa! i’ll miss doing the podcast, but yes, i’ll be filling the well! xo

  3. Julie /// 06.24.2017 /// 10:51pm

    So interesting learning about this group of Canadian artists.. esp. love Frederick Varley.
    Have a wonderful (well deserved) break and am looking forward to your return in September xx

  4. Cath /// 06.25.2017 /// 3:03am

    I agree with Lysa, been too much going on to do your challenges but now I have the whole summer to think on them! Having a friend round next weekend to hopefully make collages 🙂 Enjoy your hugely deserved kind-of-break..!!

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.25.2017 /// 8:04am

    thanks you guys … have an amazing summer!

  6. Hilda /// 06.29.2017 /// 11:05am

    Just had the time to listen to this episode this morning, Danielle, and I also think the break is a good idea so you can prioritize and focus. We all need that, and I appreciate the courage it takes to make it happen. Blessings and peace to you!

  7. the jealous curator /// 06.29.2017 /// 5:38pm

    thank you, hilda xoxo

  8. Kim /// 07.04.2017 /// 6:06am

    Such a great episode!! Especially coming on the heels of Canada Day, celebrating the Hip and the Group of Seven. I think I’ll pull out all my books by Emily Carr for summer reading. There’s also an excellent novel on her life: The Forest Lover, by Susan Vreeland, that is perfect for relaxing at the beach!! I’m sad that I’m not going to be able to get to Toronto to see your show because I’ve got the best summer job ever and I’m getting ready for a group show up here in the Laurentians in August – but I’ll be watching IG to see the work. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, you certainly deserve a break! I’m looking forward to hearing the new podcasts in the fall (meanwhile I’m catching up on the archives). Have a good one, eh, and thanks for the campfire stories!

  9. the jealous curator /// 07.04.2017 /// 6:11am

    ha! thank YOU kim! have a great summer and good luck with the show!

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