honor freeman

Old bars of soap and overly-used sponges … that are porcelain! Gasp! This is the magically mundane work of Australian artist Honor Freeman, and these are her words:

“Noticing and quietly commemorating the smaller moments that are a constant rhythm of the everyday continues to be a preoccupation in my work. I seek to make visible the relationship between us and the objects we use, the gestures, mundane activities and humble objects, like small markers silently measuring the hours and marking the days. Thoughts of preserving, measuring and marking time’s passing occupy the work during the making. There is a correlation between actions and gestures used when engaging with objects and those used during the process of making that informs the work.”


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  1. Beth McBride /// 07.18.2017 /// 6:07am

    Oh man! In love with these! Love the celebrating of the beauty of the mundane and such wonderful textures, pastels and shapes

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.18.2017 /// 6:39am

    agree, agree, agree! : )

  3. Caren /// 07.18.2017 /// 8:19am

    ohh i like the sponges~ that texture! what fun work!

  4. Maria Ho /// 07.18.2017 /// 11:17am

    Amazing work!

  5. Marie Cameron /// 07.22.2017 /// 8:16am


  6. Nikkie /// 07.22.2017 /// 10:53am

    Porcelain! I’m in love with these pretty pastelly porcelain soaps!

  7. Ann /// 07.22.2017 /// 2:18pm

    OMG! I thought they were photography! This brings back a memory of renters leaving their soap in our beach cottage outdoor shower.

  8. Carla /// 07.26.2017 /// 4:06am

    Couldn’t believe it was not real soap! I love her choice to celebrate the every day things in her work!

  9. Rik /// 09.01.2017 /// 5:53am

    Good job! We are very inpsired and woud like to use these sponges at an exhibition. how can we contact Mss Freeman???

  10. the jealous curator /// 09.01.2017 /// 6:45am

    hi – you’ll have to reach out to her gallery in sydney: gallery@sabbiagallery.com 🙂