marsi van de heuvel

You know how much I love embroidery, right? I do. But this isn’t it. This is the work of South African artist Marsi van de Heuvel … they’re drawings. Drawings created with fineliner pens. FINELINER PENS. I can’t even begin to imagine the patience and concentration involved in creating all of these small, colorful, botanical lines. Stunning.

{via Miss Moss}

comments (5)

  1. Axl /// 08.01.2017 /// 8:41am

    Looks like tapestry

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.01.2017 /// 9:12am

    absolutely, yes!

  3. libby /// 08.01.2017 /// 12:08pm

    So wonderful to see a South African artist on your site. Absolutely love your blog and podcasts:)

  4. the jealous curator /// 08.01.2017 /// 6:44pm

    thanks! : )

  5. j.mac /// 08.02.2017 /// 7:27pm

    hey jealous curator, seems like your posts are evolving, from obsessive…to more obsessive.
    keep up the good work ♡

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