jessica pisano

Loose strokes and tight detail … that combination always takes my breath away. These large-scale oil on panel “Treescapes” are the work of American painter Jessica Pisano. Wouldn’t it be nice to lie down on that washy blue ground, gazing up into those delicate treetops. Sigh. Happy Wednesday.

comments (6)

  1. Ana /// 08.02.2017 /// 11:19pm

    Those remind me of some of my favourite holidays.

  2. Amy Chen /// 08.03.2017 /// 9:21am

    These are absolutely stunning!

  3. Amy Chen /// 08.03.2017 /// 9:22am

    Her website has lovely paintings of birds and seascapes as well!

  4. Nikkie /// 08.05.2017 /// 9:40am


  5. Su Horty /// 08.15.2017 /// 7:43pm

    Love the color combinations in her paintings! Especially the light blue with the deep forest green. Welll done!

  6. wendy williams /// 09.12.2017 /// 12:20pm

    Beautiful inspiring work, thank you!

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