fidencio fifield-perez

Paper, maps, paint and pins all living together as a delicate, intricate, important narrative. This is the gorgeous, mind-boggling work of Fidencio Fifield-Perez. He was born in Mexico and grew up in the USA. After graduating from art school, he has focused on creating these beautiful, intricate, paper-cutting mixed media pieces. How do I know this? Well, I got an amazing email from a woman that runs the galleries and visiting artist lecture program at his alma mater. She wanted to make sure people knew about Fidencio’s work, and his very important/timely story:

“… Last semester I hosted an exhibit of paintings and cut paper installations made by one of our alumni, Fidencio Fifield-Perez. Fidencio is a DACA recipient, and has spent his life as an artist advocating for fellow undocumented residents and making gorgeous, pointed artworks about his experience living undocumented in the United States  …  Some of his most poignant works are made from appropriated, painted maps. He cuts away the “real” things the map represents- land, water, cities, people- and leaves the imagined, the drawn- roads, latitudes, boarders. Is this mud? A field to be harvested? A body of water to be crossed? Fence, net, or viscera? Every piece is meticulously cut and pinned to the wall with red map pins.”

Beautiful. The world needs more artists like Fidencio, and more people who send this kind of email.

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  1. Jen /// 09.08.2017 /// 8:09am

    Astounding and beautiful. Thank you Danielle and the woman who sent the email for sharing Fidencio’s work. The DACA situation is heartbreaking, and we stand to lose so much by this coldhearted, wrongheaded decision.

  2. Carolyn McCarthy /// 09.08.2017 /// 10:03am

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Cheryl Hansen /// 09.08.2017 /// 3:55pm

    Beautiful. DACA situation is out of control. Deeply concerning.

  4. TERESA JARZYNSKI /// 09.10.2017 /// 7:35pm

    Gorgeous, powerful work. Even before reading the backstory the images struck me, especially the first.
    How sad it is when those who have more are not willing to release the fear of losing that more and choose not to share/help/support those with less. Let us hope congress does better and we don’t have to build a wall to make it happen. Thank you for sharing.

  5. theGK /// 09.12.2017 /// 10:02am

    Beautiful post, well said

  6. Máire Ní Bhroin /// 09.13.2017 /// 2:26pm

    Amazingingly intricate work. Love it!

  7. sandra /// 09.22.2017 /// 11:04pm

    beautiful work

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