shaun downey

Sigh. This is the absolutely exquisite work of Canadian painter Shaun¬†Downey. I’ve written about him before, and I’ll do it again. Shaun’s oil paintings¬†take my breath away … his color choices, those lovely everyday settings, and don’t get me started on those mirrored portraits. Beautiful. {Also, I need a rose for my hair now.}

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  1. Elle Wild /// 09.11.2017 /// 7:46am

    Oh, I love this too. Wonderfully vintage. I’ll also be dredging out the rose hair clip I have… somewhere. Now where did I put that?

  2. Michael Joyal /// 09.11.2017 /// 9:01am

    I love the vintage feel and those luscious colours!

  3. annton /// 09.12.2017 /// 3:23am

    Heartbreakingly beautiful.

  4. Adam /// 09.16.2017 /// 3:11am

    I love their Edward Hopper feel. They have a serenity and stripped back elegance to them.