“the hustle is real”

Yes, that is a ceramic urn custom made for Pants the cat… AMAZING. Today’s episode is filled with weird and wacky ceramics – both functional and sculptural – by Canadian artist Mariko Paterson, aka Forage Studios. You can listen to our conversation right up there under Mr.Pants’ final resting place, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, a few of my favorites from her functional portfolio … obviously I had to start off with a little Wonder Woman action!

… and finishing with a lobster bowl! Hilariously awesome.

Next, a few of Mariko’s sculptural pieces, including another urn because I can’t get over how fantastic they are:

Ah, Buddy.

And as always, the Not-so-speedy Speed Round™. I asked her a question about wrestling a luchador … the sole purpose, of course, being an excuse to include these beauties in the post:

Te Amo, too! Yes, I want to eat all of my soups and noodles from a “Forage Studios” luchador bowl from this day forward.

And finally, Mariko and one hairy wiener so you can see who you were listening to:

Awww! So sweet! Thanks to Mariko for taking the time to chat with me, and being so open and honest about “the hustle”; thank you to Saatchi Art, and the wonderful, creative women at THRIVE, for supporting the podcast; and of course, thanks to you for listening! There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend.

Other links:

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  6. Mariko’s Instagram feed
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comments (4)

  1. Ann /// 10.08.2017 /// 7:29am

    This was a party. She is so fun. I want to know all of her dog’s names.

  2. Araceli Adams /// 10.08.2017 /// 4:31pm

    Such a great episode. As a proud owner of Mariko’s work here in Sydney, it’s always wonderful to get the back story. Thanks so much!

  3. Whitney Ruger /// 10.11.2017 /// 7:27pm

    Loved this episode! She was so fun to listen to! Seems like she would be the life of every party. 🙂

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.11.2017 /// 8:17pm

    ha! i think that’s a guarantee! ; )

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