melissa sims

Paint-By-Number-ish work mixed with vintage neon signs!? Oh my word, I have just fallen madly in love with the work of LA based painter Melissa Sims. These pieces are currently hanging in a two-person show at Zinc Contemporary in Seattle. The show is titled, quite appropriately, “Sign of the Times” and will be up until November 18th, 2017. Happy Friday!

ps. The other artist in this show is Chelsea Wong.

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  1. Bradford / Uncle Beefy /// 11.03.2017 /// 7:18am

    Oooh! Must check this show out!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.03.2017 /// 9:09am

    yes!! GO! : )

  3. Heidi /// 11.03.2017 /// 9:22pm

    This work brings up a very interesting topic which I’ve never known how to approach or discuss – when artistic concepts / mediums / execution are extremely similar to / overlap with another artist. One of my professors in school (Willem Volkersz) has been doing paintings similar to this since the 90s. Thoughts? I don’t bring this up as an attack or criticism, I know artists find inspiration from all sorts of things that already exist in the world, I just wanted to point out the similarity.

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.03.2017 /// 9:27pm

    I guess Melissa is the only one who can answer that : ) Sometimes it’s a weird coincidence (which bizarrely happens all the time). Or, maybe she was inspired by him. Granted hers are entirely painted, even the “neon”. Anyway, all that to say, dunno. ; )

  5. Nikkie /// 11.04.2017 /// 10:48am

    if one person/artist has an idea, you can bet that 2,000 other people thought of it too, it’s just how many decide to act on the idea! if you open a purse, you basically find the same things, but they are all different in some way!

  6. jeff chiplis /// 11.05.2017 /// 9:02am

    thanx, heidi, for introducing us to another artist doing interesting things with excited noble gases.

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