faig ahmed

Yes, those are carpets melting and pouring onto the floor. This is the mind-bending work of Azerbaijan born artist Faig Ahmed. I wrote about him five years ago, which was clearly way too long ago! He continues to beautifully blur the line between art and craft, which happens to be one of my favorite lines to blur. All of  the pieces shown here are part of his “Liquid” series… obviously.

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  1. Ana /// 11.08.2017 /// 5:14am

    This is as mind-blowing as it was 5 years ago.

    (And: I’ve been following your wonderful finds for at least 5 years, ha 😀 !)

  2. Elissa S Nesheim /// 11.08.2017 /// 7:51am

    So fascinating! At first I thought it was a painting… I would love to see behind the process of these. Absolutely mesmerizing.

  3. Beth McBride /// 11.08.2017 /// 8:24am

    These are out of this world amazing. Especially having grown up in Turkey surrounded by gorgeous carpets like these, they especially resonate with me. Wow.

  4. Beth McBride /// 11.08.2017 /// 8:26am

    Not sure what his intent was behind these, but to me they definitely speak of the dissolving and loss of tradition, culture and craft.

  5. Jessica Molnar /// 11.13.2017 /// 4:03pm

    These are amazing! Hard to believe that they’re really carpets.