bobbie burgers

When writing about Vancouver based artist Bobbie Burgers, one must always include an image to show scale… wowza! I’ve written about Bobbie before, have had her on my podcast, and I’m currently writing about her in my new book! All that said, I just had to share some of her latest paintings. Mostly known for her yellow, red, and blue work, these black-ish pieces stopped me in my tracks. Bobbie is not solely interested in “florals”, she’s interested in “the process of decay, transformation, and metamorphosis”. Yep, some of the most beautiful decay, ever.

{Her work is available through Equinox Gallery in Vancouver}

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  1. simone /// 11.20.2017 /// 6:10am

    Bobbi’s work is poetry in color.

  2. april /// 04.23.2018 /// 2:47pm

    I found your blog by browsing contemporary art on Pinterest. These images came up and I was stopped dead in my tracks. Some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen, wish I was lucky enough to own a piece.