jana rayne macdonald

Hm, even that closeup doesn’t do a good job of proving that these are paintings – PAINTINGS!? This is the acrylic on canvas work of Canadian painter Jana Rayne MacDonald, from her series titled “Portraits”:

“We all speak many more languages than our mother tongue. Without conscious thought, we tell people how we feel and communicate who we are with facial expressions, gestures and, least appreciated but just as important, the language of clothing.  And the clothes we wear often speak first.”

I wonder what my pajamas are saying about me right now?

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  1. Sue McArthur /// 12.07.2017 /// 9:23am

    my clothes are saying “I don’t care what you think” but I hope no one sees me wearing these old clothes at the same time! Amazing work.

  2. Axl /// 12.08.2017 /// 3:37pm

    Hope they don’t shrink in the wash 😉

  3. Nancy Rose /// 12.09.2017 /// 4:38am

    Wow. These are so beautifully detailed I was sure they were photographs. Jana sure has captured the nuances of fabric and I hope these all find good homes.

  4. Anne Louise MacDonald /// 12.09.2017 /// 5:49am

    LOVE this artist’s use of the term ‘portraits’. Very insightful and emotional work.

    Also love your website. Clever, funny and creative