“make waves instead of going with the flow”

I am so excited for you to listen to this episode! It is filled to the brim with hilarious stories, inspiring advice, and of course, a lengthy discussion about pizza. I’m talking to Ohio based artist, illustrator, writer, speaker, podcaster, father, vivid dreamer, Boyz II Men fan club president, and former sandwich artist, Andy J. Miller aka Andy J. Pizza. Listen right up there under the surfer dude, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, these are the gorgeous, and totally inspiring, illustrations Andy does for each of his ‘Creative Pep Talk’ podcast episodes:

YES to alllllll of that! Oh, and speaking of creative pep talks, this is Andy’s most recent book filled with beautifully rendered advice from 50 amazing artists:

This is the book that features quotes from Oliver Jeffers, Lisa Congdon and Stefan Sagmeister… jealous? Yes, yes I am. {although Stefan really did kiss me – here’s a link to the proof}

Oh, and look at this! The first book(s) he did with Chronicle. The Indie Rock Coloring Book, and Indie Rock Poster Book:

So fun! And, oh yeah, he also has a day job… here are some of Andy’s gorgeous pieces he’s done for clients:

Ok, he did NOT tell me he’s done work for Nutella … I wonder if he gets a discount? I would have let them pay me in jars of that goodness!

And, obviously, after hearing Andy’s energetic and hilarious voice, you need to see him in action. Here he is in his new found happy place… on stage, talking all things creativity:

So funny! Also, I need that coffee mug to go with all of that Nutella I’m lining up for.

And finally, this was an illustration Andy did for Mental Floss Magazine, but I like to imagine this is what he looks like during one of his crazy, vivid dreams:

That could actually be my dream if that grey thing is in fact a SNAKE!? I cannot express how much I wish there was an illustration of Andy with the guys from Boyz II Men … now that would have made my year! Thank you so much to Andy for being such an open, hilarious, inspiring book; thank you to Saatchi Art for not only supporting this episode, but for supporting the podcast AND my weekly e-newsletter since they both began; and you know it, HUGE thanks to you for listening. I’m taking next week off to be with my little family, but there will be a new episode on the first Saturday in January. Happy Holidays!

Other links:

  1. The Thread House (Andy’s wife’s shop)
  2. Creative Pep Talk Podcast
  3. Andy on Instagram


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  1. Jane E. /// 12.23.2017 /// 7:01am

    A gazillion thank yous Danielle …….Fabulous podcast with Andy !!! ….and the link to his latest podcast. ……you two are cracking open my world. ..in the best way !!!
    Am sending email to friends who will continue to share you.

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.23.2017 /// 9:21am

    thanks jane!!! : )

  3. marc cardwell /// 12.24.2017 /// 9:38am

    awesome talk! i was literally LOL-ing at the “plan b” story. i was walking by myself outside, listening to this on headphones. nice to have an illustrator in the mix too.

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.24.2017 /// 5:53pm

    wasn’t that funny!? well, one of the many hilarious things andy said ; )

  5. starr /// 12.26.2017 /// 10:18pm

    Hello TJC,

    This was the Best JC podcast interview ever!!!
    Thank you.

    ps I could’t find iTunes so I send this email…

  6. the jealous curator /// 12.27.2017 /// 7:13am

    thank you, starr! 🙂

  7. Rebecca Van Der Werff /// 01.02.2018 /// 5:11pm

    The meaning of life is Pizza

  8. Marni McMahan /// 01.04.2018 /// 11:35am

    Thank you Danielle!

    I just discovered your podcast yesterday and I’ve already listened to this hilarious and inspiring podcast as well as your conversation with Bobbie Burgers. I am so excited to know that there are more than 100 more to listen to!

    When you and Andy were talking about the Picasso story and your story about how it took a lifetime to be able to make a piece of art in mere minutes, it reminded me of a children’s book called Twenty Heartbeats by Dennis Haseley and illustrated by Ed Young. It is out of print but you can buy it through amazon or abebooks.

    It is about a rich man who hired the best artist in the land to paint a picture of the his favourite horse. A lot of time passes with no painting. Finally the rich man confronts the artist and the artist paints the picture in front of him in only 20 heartbeats. Enraged the rich man chases the artist into his studio to ask why he has paid so much money and waited so long for this painting that took so little time. He stops in his tracks when he sees the studio walls covered in paintings of the horse.

    I am an artist and an elementary school librarian. I like to share this book with students. They often get frustrated when their first attempts don’t turn out the way they hoped. This book and Andy’s idea of ‘what we have tolerance for’ really speak to me.

    Again, thank you so much for sharing your gift, Marni

  9. the jealous curator /// 01.04.2018 /// 6:29pm

    thank you marni – that is a perfect story 🙂

  10. #802 | how to disappear completely /// 01.05.2018 /// 3:46am

    […] Andy J. Pizza […]

  11. sarah /// 01.06.2018 /// 7:03am

    This was such a brilliant Podcast made me think and laugh in equal measure! This pizza guy is a genius! Thank you!

  12. Elaine Coombs /// 02.02.2018 /// 2:51pm

    OMG, best and funniest podcast ever! His energy is so inspiring! Thanks for doing these podcasts Danielle – always brightens up my day to listen to you in the studio!

  13. the jealous curator /// 02.02.2018 /// 9:40pm


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