john holcomb

This is the work of American painter John Holcomb. This series of crazy colorful flowers and pattern-covered vases were inspired by the old Dutch Masters. John’s portfolio is full of all sorts of other lovely work – scenic, art history, cultural portraits – but the pure joy in these pieces seemed like a perfect way to start the week. Happy Monday.

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  1. Design News –Tuesday 9th of January 2018 - /// 01.08.2018 /// 12:20pm

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  2. Linda Norton /// 01.09.2018 /// 10:28am

    Disappointed he is on your site. He has flagrantly copied Andy Dixon’s style, subject matter, art materials and color palettes.

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2018 /// 9:29pm

    hm, i hadn’t heard anything about that. i love andy’s work… i’ll go do a little digging.

  4. Linda Norton /// 01.09.2018 /// 10:31am

  5. Brian Pittman /// 01.10.2018 /// 12:07am

    Very beautiful art work.

  6. Sofia M. /// 01.14.2018 /// 11:02am

    I agree with Linda Norton, I read about this on Artsy a few months back I think and his work is an obvious copy of Andy Dixon’s. Andy’s is so much better too in my opinion, apart from being the original. I recommend you look him up instead.

  7. Daniel Pessin /// 09.23.2018 /// 9:55pm

    Awesome work..

  8. Jason smallwood /// 05.07.2019 /// 7:14am

    I think John holcomb has always been a much better artist than Andy dixon so maybe Andy should bow out gracefully and let John carry on doing what he does best …maybe Andy should try a new style and change his directon completely as John clearly has this style of this art down pat . But alas consideration must be given to the fact that MATTISE THE MASTER PAINTER who both these little infant painters could never hope to match in this life time was painting like he was when both John and Andy were not even conceived.

  9. Kimberly Coleman Cranberry, PA /// 02.11.2020 /// 12:14am

    Awesome work.

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