spencer merolla

A pop-up art “bakery”… but wait… do not eat these grey treats! They aren’t made of sugar and spice, they’re made of ash from burned coal. “Coal Comforts” is the work of Brooklyn based artist Spencer Merolla. What is it about, you ask?

“This is about climate change. Coal power has never been “clean” and continuing to mine and burn it causes irreparable harm to frontline communities and accelerates climate change. The current administration wants to prop up this outmoded industry without regard to the known consequences. As we have seen, nostalgia is a powerful tool—it can make what is familiar seem wholesome and innocuous, as “American as apple pie.” But like the sweet treats we might find in an old-fashioned bakery, a little dirty energy might look like a harmless enough indulgence, but our global consumption patterns will be our undoing. Put simply, we can’t have our cake and eat it too.”

Brilliant! And, even more exciting, most of these pieces are actually for sale in her online bakery, so pop over and pick up a coal cake today! *25% of the proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. 

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