dustin yellin

Are you wondering, ” What on earth am I looking at?” That is exactly how I felt last summer when I was lucky enough to see the work of Brooklyn based artist Dustin Yellin in Venice. Well, they are collages within several layers of glass… seriously. A few of his mind-blowing works were part of the Glasstress 2017 show and they were absolutely breathtaking. I’m not sure how many times I walked around each one of them, marveling at the multi-layered, glassy goodness. The detail is insane … hence the many, many close-ups in this post. That said, I know that flat images absolutely do not do Dustin’s work justice, so you have to watch this video to see him in action. It’s from a gorgeous series he did with the New York City Ballet. Beautiful craziness that you have to see to believe. Enjoy…

ps. Speaking of Venice… I’m going back to be one of the instructors at the ECA (European Cultural Academy) during their contemporary art week in June! June 11 – 17th to be exact. There are a limited number of spots for students, so if you’re interested pop over to their site for details. Hope to see you in Venice!

comments (8)

  1. Kim /// 02.16.2018 /// 2:43am

    This is amazing! Mind blowing!!! I love ballet, and Yellin’s sculptures look spectacular. I’m going to try to see this in person.

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.16.2018 /// 7:27am

    yes! seeing his work in person is amazing… you’ll be there for ages, just staring.

  3. Kirsten Nunez /// 02.16.2018 /// 11:01am

    So happy to see this post. Dustin Yellin is of my favorite artists!

  4. emma jenkins /// 02.17.2018 /// 4:39am

    wow wow wow! these are incredible. i want to see them irl someday.

  5. Nikkie /// 02.17.2018 /// 9:55am

    efing amazing! 5 stars!

  6. Amanda Gareis /// 02.18.2018 /// 5:05am

    Oh my holy goodness, this has blown my mind. New favourite ever artist. I could stare at this work for days. Thanks so much for introducing me to this artist, Danielle! He has a fun short TED talk on YouTube if anyone wants to check in out. He seems like an outrageously busy guy, but he is hardcore on my Art For Your Ear guest wish list. Now I need to tear myself away from googling him to go get some work done!

  7. the jealous curator /// 02.18.2018 /// 6:51am

    already emailed him about it… waiting with fingers crossed that he says yes ; )

  8. Nasim /// 07.13.2018 /// 9:05pm

    sooooo amazing

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