venice… REGISTRATION for june 2018 is open!

CALLING ALL ARTISTS & ART LOVERS… I’m going back to Venice, wanna come with me?! Yes, the European Cultural Academy has invited me back to be one of several instructors during their “Contemporary Art Week” course, which runs the week of June 11 – 17th, 2018. Being there last year still feels like a bit of a dream… so much watermelon gelato. I’ve rounded up a bunch of the photos I took in August so you can see what your week in this unbelievable city will look like. First, the ECA classrooms are not just classrooms, they are centuries-old palazzos in the heart of Venice:

Insane, no? Also insane… ALL. OF. THE. ART. One of my favorite shows was “Glasstress”. Here’s a peek:

Well, this year the class will be going on a little field trip. We will be taking a “taxi” … aka gorgeous boat, to Murano, the island home of glass art. We’ll meet the curator of Glasstress, and visit the studios of working glass artists. See, there are a lot of “pinch me” moments that happen here! Oooh, and another one? We’ll be visiting the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. It is fabulous, as was she:

Right? Peggy knew how to collect art, AND how to live in Venice. Sigh.

Now, if you’re going to come with me, you should know that there will be a lot of coffee {ps. I found out the hard way that one must NEVER order a latte after 12pm. I was called a “barbarian’}:

… yes, I drank macchiatos {acceptable after 12pm} and I even tried painting with them. Worked like a charm, although also barbaric I’m quite sure.

Now, not only will we soul search, push ourselves in our creative pursuits, learn about art, see Venice, drink coffee … there will also be a lot of ridiculously picturesque photo ops:

Just trying to keep up with Peggy Guggenheim in that last shot! When in Venice, right? Hope to see you in June… there are only 20 spots in total {some of which have already been filled}, so if you want to attend the ECA’s contemporary art week {June 11 – 17, 2018}, visit their site to read all of the ins and outs, and APPLY SOON!

ps. Here is a little instagram video I took on one of our boat rides that helps sum up the magic that is Venice: