vincent xeus

Oh, so dreamy. These ice creamy-colored oil paintings are the work of China-born, California-based artist Vincent Xeus. All of them have a old meets new feeling… perhaps this is why:

[via Artsy] “Vincent Xeus’s atmospheric portraits are driven by a reverence for Italian and Dutch Old Master paintings as well as a desire to challenge classical constraints. “I loved their traditions and I had an equally strong desire to break away from it,” he has said of 16th- and 17th-century artists. “This conflict gave me struggle, and the struggle kept painting alive for me.” After immigrating to the United States from China to pursue a career in architecture, Xeus shifted his focus to oil painting. In portraits of historical figures, cultural idols, and personal friends, Xeus combines traditional techniques such as impasto and chiaroscuro with bold strokes and idiosyncratic details that disrupt otherwise classical compositions.”

Beautiful. Happy Friday.

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  1. Abbi /// 03.16.2018 /// 5:35am

    The third one. Yes.

  2. leigh hannan /// 03.16.2018 /// 6:46am

    These are so feminine, I was surprised to see they are by a male artist! The top painting is especially floaty….but I’m not sure if it’s below water or in the sky. These are really lovely 🙂

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.16.2018 /// 7:08am

    i thought exactly the same thing ; )

  4. Carla /// 03.16.2018 /// 12:51pm

    I love this work! How sophisticated and utterly beautiful!

  5. Crystal Foth /// 03.18.2018 /// 11:32am

    They are just lovely! Must follow this painter! Thank you for always having such amazing artist on your site/podcast. I never miss it!