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The title of this episode sort of says it all. Following what excites you / what makes you happy, will create work that excites you / makes you happy… and for Los Angeles based artist Michelle Kingdom, that happens to be telling stories with thread. I already admired her work so much, but finding out that she’s not only a well-known contemporary artist whose work is shown in galleries all over the world, Michelle is ALSO a full-time preschool teacher and the mother of a teenage daughter?! Well, the admiration went through the roof! When does she sleep? Apparently, she doesn’t. Listen right up there under “Life Will Divide Us”, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, just a whole bunch of Michelle’s work that I love… plus closeups, because who doesn’t wanna see closeups!?:

Yep. Those stitches, the stories, all of the stuff. Love.

Next up, this is the benefit of following Michelle on Instagram… you get to see everything that goes into each meticulous piece:

Seriously, I don’t know how she has the patience to do this kind of work… but I’m really happy she does!

You know who else is happy? Pillow Talk, the band that used “What Is Done Cannot Be Undone” for the cover of their latest album:

So. Cool.

Also cool {and admittedly a personal dream of mine}, a full feature in Hi-Fructose Magazine:

Gah! Ridiculously cool.

Now, I think this is so important to show, and so great that Michelle has these pieces on her website. These are some of her older works – the pieces she mentioned that were stitched onto little bits of silk and other random fabric {and shown to no one for years}:

Oh, so fascinating to see where she began her artistic journey, and my goodness, how far she’s come!

And finally, I obviously had to include the red Mary-Janes, and maybe just a couple of photos of Michelle in action too:

Love love love. Gigantic thanks to Michelle for taking time away from her insanely busy life to talk to me; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting yet another episode {FYI: Saatchi’s hosting “The Other Art Fair” in LA this weekend so check it out if you’re in town}; and big old thanks to you for listening. There will be more Art For Your Ear next Saturday.

ps. Also, a super huge gigantic THANK YOU to my amazing husband/producer, Greg, who edited this podcast from a hotel room in Toronto so there’d be an episode this weekend! xoxo

Other links:

  1. Michelle’s show in New York at Foley Gallery, April 4 – May 13
  2. Michelle on Instagram


comments (9)

  1. Ana /// 03.17.2018 /// 4:39pm

    Still creepy, still wonderful.

  2. Crystal Foth /// 03.18.2018 /// 11:44am

    My friend Michelle! My heart jumped when I saw she was on the podcast! I LOVED hearing the conversation between you. Michelle’s work is amazing and I hope to buy one someday. I’ve known Michelle since she worked for that afterschool program (I still work there! :), she is not only an amazing artist, she is a wonderful person all around!! Can’t wait for that LA show to see her work in person and your work too Danielle. Gosh… I need to get to painting! You might be the jealous curator… I’m the jealous artist in hibernation!

  3. Somsara /// 03.19.2018 /// 8:35am

    I am overly excited to hear someone shout out Donut Prince & the Doug(h)nut Hut – they used to be my locals and I went all the time! Michelle’s work is so spectacular and she has great taste in dough to boot! 🙂

  4. Peg grady /// 03.19.2018 /// 4:03pm

    Such an inspiring interview! Michelle, your work is so very wonderful and you actually did make your life sound like it makes sense. I, too, have the Readers Digest complete Guide to Needlework! Oh…the fashions back then! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your narrative thinking process and inner monologue insomnia.

  5. Amanda Gareis /// 03.20.2018 /// 11:30am

    OMG I heart her so hard and I’ve only started the episode, but I HAD THE SAME READER’S DIGEST GUIDE and it has inspired me since I was a child. I only just managed to track down another copy, and it’s still fabulous.

  6. julieB /// 03.30.2018 /// 7:52am

    Oh, how I love love love her work…I too am a San Fernando Valley UCLA going after school art teaching’70’s childhood girl…thanks Danielle for another wonderful kindred spirit you’ve introduced us all to 🙂

  7. the jealous curator /// 03.30.2018 /// 8:43am

    my absolute pleasure, julie : )

  8. kari fox /// 06.06.2018 /// 11:26am

    Enjoyed listening to this yesterday, June, 6/18, as I weeded in Victoria, BC Canada. LOVE Michelle’s work! My mother did beautiful embroidery and was an amazing seamstress, while I can’t sew on a button. Danielle, I was so choked that I couldn’t see you when you were here in Victoria at Poppet. While you & Michelle were talking, you mentioned Yupo paper and a similar but more absorbant paper, sounded like “keraskin”. I’m trying to find it, could you please let me know the correct name of it? Many thanks! Loved listening to Michelle & learning about her (loved her “craft” answer!) and love all your podcasts. Hope I get an opportunity to see you!

  9. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2018 /// 1:20pm

    hey kari : ) it’s called terraskin … they have it at opus in victoria (in the big flat paper drawers!)

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