being boss : book giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered to win this BOSS BOOK! The name I pulled this morning: Francie of! Congratulations, Francie… it’s time to be BOSS! And, huge congratulations to Emily and Kathleen on an amazing, successful, and exciting launch week xo


Oh, yes, yes, YES. Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life On Your Own Terms … yep, this is the brand new book by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. You might know them from their brilliant podcast titled, you guessed it, Being Boss. I have known these amazing, entrepreneurial women for years {we all met at Alt Summit a looooong time ago}, and I could not be more excited for them. Today, on April 10th, their first book hits shelves worldwide!  This book puts all of their podcast episodes, personal insights, and in-the-trenches experience into a tidy {beautifully designed} package. Emily and Kathleen have put everything into this book… they give amazing/easy to follow advice on getting focused on what you want, mapping your goals, and thankfully, they talk a lot about how to stop freaking out about money … and selling yourself without shame! Amen. They also invited me to do a little Q&A on the ins and out of self-doubt and, of course, I said “yes!”

So… guess what? Running Press, the publisher of this lovely book, has given me one copy to give away to one person who’s ready to be BOSS. I’m guessing that’s you! Leave a comment below and I’ll draw one name on Friday April 13th. Good luck! ps. Or… just go buy the book right now! 

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  1. Liane Bourke /// 04.10.2018 /// 3:43am

    So I’ll confess I’ve already downloaded the audiobook because I just love the Being Boss ladies. Then I heard them saying the book is both well designed and chock full of photos…. now I want the book too so I can leave it on the coffee table and share it with whoever stops by.


  2. Amanda /// 04.10.2018 /// 4:05am

    Yay! I love their podcast so much!

  3. Kim /// 04.10.2018 /// 4:14am

    It looks great… I want it! Great podcast too.

  4. Marta /// 04.10.2018 /// 4:47am

    I want to be a boss!!

  5. Abbi /// 04.10.2018 /// 5:12am

    Ooooo! I want it! I’m working on becoming my own boss (this will be several years in process) and I’d love helpful boosts when I’m feeling… less boss-y? 🙂

  6. CraftyHope /// 04.10.2018 /// 5:59am

    This sounds like an amazing, inspiring book! I’d love to win it. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  7. Ashley /// 04.10.2018 /// 5:59am

    I am ready to be a boss! I have an entrepreneurial journal keeping track of all my boss observations and ideas. That journal is just about full! Time to put this into action!

  8. Yasmin Mercado /// 04.10.2018 /// 7:21am

    This book looks amazing and colorful!

  9. Cal /// 04.10.2018 /// 7:22am

    Wow the book looks fantabulous! I’d love to read it!

  10. Cyndy /// 04.10.2018 /// 7:57am

    Love, love, love their podcast. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  11. Pamela Hastings /// 04.10.2018 /// 8:11am

    Even though now I am mostly only boss of myself…and people I work with on civic projects, I see these women…and you…are kindred spirits.
    Since I’ve already won one book from you, I probably won’t get this one, but I will look for it at the library.

  12. Leila Kramer /// 04.10.2018 /// 8:29am

    Yessss! I need this right now. Looks amazing. Thank you for highlighting such a fab book!

  13. Heidi Shedlock /// 04.10.2018 /// 8:30am

    LOVE their podcasts and would LOVE to read this! Even better own my own copy….

  14. Jessica Levin /// 04.10.2018 /// 8:40am

    Oh how do I need this book! Looks amazing, must read!

  15. Inga /// 04.10.2018 /// 8:43am

    Oh my… this looks like something I could use right now! I’m also going to check out their podcast today and listen while I work!

  16. Samantha Agar /// 04.10.2018 /// 9:13am

    I’m ready to be my own boss! This looks like an awesome read ❤️

  17. Francie /// 04.10.2018 /// 9:51am

    I need to take control! Pick me!

  18. Rose Lemonade /// 04.10.2018 /// 10:15am

    This book looks like a great read!

  19. Michelle Barkway /// 04.10.2018 /// 11:17am

    Love these ladies! Looked for their book the other day but was too early. Looking forward to checking it out

  20. Wendy Vazquez /// 04.10.2018 /// 11:18am

    So excited for this book! I’ve been listening to their podcast since the start.

  21. Maria Ho /// 04.10.2018 /// 11:33am

    “Letting fear dictate your decisions” – ouch, that hit home hard! Looks like I need this book :)!

  22. Melissa /// 04.10.2018 /// 12:04pm

    Thanks for the chance to get a copy of this book. I love your blog.

  23. Maggie Taylor /// 04.10.2018 /// 1:28pm

    I’m about to step out into my big hairy, scary dream at 53. Been talking about it my whole damn life. Never too late, right?

  24. jessica cattle /// 04.10.2018 /// 3:36pm


  25. Cheryl Hansen /// 04.10.2018 /// 4:06pm

    Yes, I want to be the boss of me!!!! I promise not to become self absorbed. : ) I love and collect books. I am ready to receive. In gratitude.

  26. Lakeshia R. /// 04.10.2018 /// 4:30pm

    Could use this in my life right now. Appreciate the opportunity!

  27. Susanna Brenner /// 04.10.2018 /// 8:49pm

    Ahhh, this so comes at the right moment! Fantastic

  28. Gina McMillen /// 04.10.2018 /// 9:50pm

    Such a great podcast! I cannot wait check out their book.

  29. tinyWOOLF /// 04.11.2018 /// 3:11am

    great! thxs for the chance!

  30. yael L. /// 04.11.2018 /// 5:56am

    podcasts worlds colliding lol I’d love a copy!

  31. Carla /// 04.11.2018 /// 12:45pm

    Sounds great and just resonates so deep with me… this book would be greatly inspirational while slowly building my boss-path! Thanks for the counting me in,

  32. Rachel E /// 04.11.2018 /// 2:42pm

    Already love their podcast, and their book looks just as awesomely inspiring. Would love to bring its magic into my life – thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Lexie /// 04.11.2018 /// 3:25pm

    This book would help so much with my work right now, perfect timing!

  34. Karen /// 04.11.2018 /// 4:23pm

    I’m probably a late bloomer, but I’m definitely ready to do this! Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  35. Lillyana Toushek /// 04.11.2018 /// 11:01pm

    Thanks for the chance to receive this book. Being boss is not an easy task while doing a PhD in Art but would love to take the challenge. Would love to receive the book, as I am already totally addicted to the podcast.

  36. emma /// 04.12.2018 /// 4:04am

    One of my favourite podcasts. Would love to win a copy.

  37. Jaq /// 04.13.2018 /// 12:13am

    Excited to have a chance to read this book! It would be such an inspiration for aspired artists being one myself.

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