lily padula

Imagine having such elaborate, fantastical daydreams that you’d rather spend your life lost in your imagination than living in reality. Enter “maladaptive daydreaming”, a psychiatric condition, and the topic of this lovely animation created by Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Lily Padula for an episode of NPR’s Invisibilia {Invisibilia is one of my favorite podcasts, so when I saw this piece from Lily in my submissions inbox, well, I jumped at the chance to write about it!} The episode/piece is titled, “When Daydreaming Gets In The Way Of Real Life”, and voila, here it is. Enjoy…

Beautiful and sad and wonderful.

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  1. leigh hannan /// 04.10.2018 /// 2:19pm

    I am currently driving from the middle of New York State to Austin, TX and loaded up on podcasts for the trip; Invisibilia was one of the them (I just never got around to listening to it before, but always wanted to)! Just heard this episode yesterday (the day you posted this) 🙂

  2. Lannie Hart /// 04.14.2018 /// 8:02am

    This is beautiful. The emotional story is juxtaposed against amazingly beautiful graphics. Just Great!