toni hamel

Dreamlike drawings by Italian-born, Toronto-based artist Toni Hamel. Her description of this series is lovely, so I’ll hand it over to Toni:

The land of Id (2015-2016) : In Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the Id refers to the component of our psyche responsible for our most primitive impulses and drives. It is an egocentric, all-consuming urge to satisfy our immediate needs and desires  without any consideration for possible consequences or repercussions.

Such theory perfectly describes our contemporary attitude toward our surroundings.  Continuing my discourse on human behaviour, The land of Id focuses on humanity’s relationship with the natural environment offering two alternative yet equally interesting points of view. If on one hand it confronts us with the disastrous results of our ill-conceived rapport with nature, on the other it offers some levity and  food for thought. The land of Id becomes a topsy-turvy world filled with tension and instability, where everything appears possible yet nothing is what it seems. Through symbolism and satire, The Land of Id eventually alerts us about the dangerous effects of our exploitative behaviours.


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  1. Rula /// 04.28.2018 /// 3:25pm


  2. Steven Tannenbaum /// 04.30.2018 /// 12:06pm

    Wow! Blown away by the weight, the struggle, the muted colors that somehow shine bright… great stuff!

  3. Shelley Alvarez /// 05.01.2018 /// 1:37am

    I love the giant unicorn. So beautiful.