mira song

Oh my goodness. This is the work {finished pieces at the top, #WIP towards the bottom} of Vancouver based artist Mira Song. Her palettes are stunning, and the combination of loose / tight is fantastic! Bits ‘n pieces of nature living harmoniously with perfectly perfect structures … which makes complete sense when you read this bit of her artist statement:

“My practice deals with exploring specific natural and architectural spaces, and reframing these spaces through the different sets of senses, memories, and imagination. Anchored in my own memories and perceptions, my paintings and sculptural installations are manifestations of this transient nature of space and its elements from which I hope a viewer can extract his or her own experience unrestricted by the barriers between the real and the surreal.”

Keep an eye on Mira’s Instagram feed, because beautiful things are happening over there!

{via Rove Vancouver’s Instagram feed… ps. Vancouver’s Rove Art Walk is happening May 25th, 2018!}

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  1. stephanie /// 05.01.2018 /// 2:54pm

    omg. I am in love. I need to have some of her paintings!!

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