hinke schreuders

Embroidery on paper on linen… not to mention pearls, beads, and little yellow balls of fluff. This is the mixed media work of Amsterdam based artist Hinke Schreuders. I couldn’t find any information on why she does what she does, but I’m glad she does it. Lovely.

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  1. Anne Oldenhuis /// 08.10.2018 /// 1:14am

    Yes, I love her work! Please ask her for a podcast, it would be so nice to hear you two talking about her work!
    P.S. I’m listening to your podcasts every day now for the last couple of months.
    I love listening to them, especially while working in the studio, or while riding on my bike to town.
    Your book about the inner critic, your podcasts and your presentations played a major part in the recognition of my inner critic! And as a consequence, i can deal with it much better now. Thank you Danielle, i think you are doing an amazing and important job.
    Kind regards from the Netherlands,

  2. Hinke Schreuders /// 08.10.2018 /// 1:35am

    Thank you for highlighting my works, Danielle! Especially love seeing the top one – that was such a struggle to make but came out so strong. To me that is where the secret or mystery of making art is, in a way. As for the why and how, find more on that here if you like:


  3. the jealous curator /// 08.10.2018 /// 7:18am

    my pleasure, hinke!