langdon graves

Oh, I love this so much. I have loved the drawings of Brooklyn based artist Langdon Graves for years, but I had never seen her installation work… until now! These images are from her May 2016 installation, titled “Spooky Action at a Distance” {Victori+Mo, Brooklyn}. I am completely smitten by Langdon’s color choices, her elegant style, and … wait for it… THIS subject matter:

“The drawings and sculptures featured in Spooky Action at a Distance take as their starting point scenes from first-hand accounts of ghost stories told by the artist’s grandmother, as illustrated by her childhood imagination and memory of them.  They speak in a blend of domestic fragments from her grandmother’s home, and imagery borrowed from a variety of traditions and rituals involving death and the afterlife, including the spiritualist practices of séance and spirit communication; funereal objects; and ancient symbols of death and rebirth. Building on Graves’ formal tendency to insert negative space throughout her subject matter, these images and objects are incomplete and removed from their context, and so approximate the inevitable clouding of memory; they offer stand-ins of the familiar and impressions rather than distinct representations.”

Grandmothers, ghosts AND art? Loooooove.

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  1. Anna Golden /// 08.10.2018 /// 5:31pm

    Langdon is an incredibly nice person too. I am all the way jealous of her!

  2. Ryan Edgar Roberts /// 08.15.2018 /// 4:45pm

    These are really beautiful images. I love how her work is installed, I wish I was able to see it in person.