smallditch {martha}

Oh my word… found fashion! These funny, beautiful, quick ‘n clever collages are the work of an artist named Martha, known as @smallditch on Instagram. That’s all I know for sure, and so I’ve decided to imagine the rest. Here we go … Martha heads out on her lunch break {because on one of her posts she said “this helps me get out of the office”}, carrying a little box of tiny, stiletto-clad legs in her bag. As she walks down the street to pick up coffee – and or lunch – Martha keeps a lookout for the perfect leaf, feather, or piece of trash. And she finds it. Every damn time. The end.

ps. If you are a fashion brand, please call her because how cool is this!? Also, they look fabulous when blown up to large-scale!

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  1. Eliana Marinari /// 08.13.2018 /// 1:25am

    Love love them! How clever are they!?!! just too good

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.13.2018 /// 7:32am

    right!? those pants!!!

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  4. Luisa /// 08.24.2018 /// 7:14am

    These are great!!!! A fashion magazine or brand should definitely contact her for illustrations!

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