fiona roberts

Whoa. These are so beautiful/bizarre I can barely stand it. These ceramic mouths are the work of Australian artist Fiona Roberts. All of her work features various parts of the body – eyes, fingers, hair – but these absolutely gorgeous {while totally unsettling mouths} called out to me. Get it? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. All of these images were found on Fiona’s equally as beautiful/bizarre Instagram feed.

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  1. Sara Khan /// 09.06.2018 /// 3:22pm

    Hahahah! Love these, so creepy good!! They really do call out :’D

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.06.2018 /// 4:10pm

    right!? THANK YOU!

  3. Jimmy /// 09.17.2018 /// 8:45am

    Love your kinky compelling work.