paul sibuet

I saw the work of French artist Paul Sibuet when I was in Venice this past June. I stood in front of his work for ages {at Bel-Air Fine Art}, taking in all of the perfectly white details, and of course the cascading “paint”. This “flow” series includes tributes to several historical artists – from Pollock to Mondrian, Warhol to Klein. Oh, and also, I want to touch all of those little tubes of paint, the bottles, cans … ALL OF IT.

comments (2)

  1. Sabine aus WO(rms) /// 09.07.2018 /// 1:46am

    soooo amazing.
    many ♡ ly greetings sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  2. Evelyn /// 09.09.2018 /// 12:05am

    Fabulous work

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