zhuang hong yi

… and now a whole bunch of closeups, just because!

Ceramic? Nope. Plastic? Nope. Fine rice paper and acrylic on canvas? Yep. This is the work of Chinese born, Netherlands based artist┬áZhuang Hong Yi. As if these “flowers” aren’t mind blowing enough, somehow he has painted/arranged these delicate little petals so that the color changes depending on the angle you’re looking at them from… click PLAY on that Instagram video above to see what I mean! Sigh… so beautiful, as is this description of his work via HOFA Gallery, London:

“The flower motif dominates Zhuang Hong Yi’s work – a significant image in Chinese culture which carries countless meanings and emotions yet with equally strong associations with the Netherlands, world famous for its flowers – and he works patiently and religiously on this subject year after year, intricately crafting his works with care and forethought. Zhuang’s well known and highly collected ‘flower bed’ works are crafted from delicate pieces of painted rice paper, which he has bent and folded into hundreds of tiny buds.”

{Thanks to @melaart for pointing me to this crazy beautiful work.}

comments (3)

  1. Caren /// 09.17.2018 /// 9:39am

    The colors are stunning!

  2. melaart /// 09.18.2018 /// 9:44am

    My absolute pleasure to share with you D the work of so amazing artists, as you have done with us for almost 10 years now!

    Honored that you shared it with your tribe! ; )

    Big hug!

  3. Michelle /// 09.25.2018 /// 10:23pm

    I could lose myself in these flower beds for many hours. I love them.