il lee

Ball. Point. Pen. Insane. This is the mesmerizing work of Korean born, New York based artist Il Lee. I’ve written about him before, but I just saw that there is a show currently hanging at Art Projects International in New York, titled Il Lee The 90s

“Focusing on works by Il Lee from the 1990s, this exhibition brings together select breakthrough black ballpoint ink on paper works that first introduced the energetic, exhilarating mark-making which remains characteristic of his later signature works.”

The show will be up until October 27, 2018. Go!

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  2. Katja /// 10.16.2018 /// 9:28am

    …wow! Endless lines, graphic and at the same time fuzzy, furry. The size! I love it. I really love it. To me this is just beautiful.

    Greetings from Berlin!