janet werner

I am a sucker for portraits, and these large-scale beauties are no exception! This is the work of Montreal based painter Janet Werner. If any of these women look strangely familiar, this might be why:

[Janet’s] work focuses on the fictional portrait as a vehicle to explore notions of subjectivity and desire. Her paintings operate within and against the genre of conventional portraiture, taking found images of anonymous figures in popular culture and imbuing them with fictional personalities.

LOVE. Happy Monday.

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  1. sophya volx /// 10.29.2018 /// 5:31am

    this is actually mind blowing….

  2. janet werner – Broadcast /// 10.29.2018 /// 5:56am

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  3. Johnb /// 11.03.2018 /// 12:59am

    Janet has talent. Her use of colour is good. With the exception of the girl in the red blouse, the subject matter needs a change.