ebony russell

Gasp! Porcelain piped like cake frosting? Oh my word, YES. Delicate crowns that look good enough to eat… but don’t because this ain’t food. Nope, this is the latest series from Sydney based artist {and current MFA student} Ebony Russell, and ps., I would happily pop any of these pieces on my head for my next birthday party. LOVE.

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  1. Ana /// 12.20.2018 /// 2:58am

    There’s just something about them… I just can’t find the words to describe how they make me feel!

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.20.2018 /// 9:05pm

    like a 7 year old who’s about to go to the best birthday party EVER … that’s how they make me feel ; )

  3. leigh hannan /// 12.21.2018 /// 6:06am

    I know nothing about making porcelain so my first question is “how the hell does she make these????”. I’d love to see her making it!