kristin farr

Yep, that final piece looks about right… who else is dizzy? This is the fabulous work of San Franciso based artist Kristin Farr. You’re probably thinking, ‘Whoa, I wonder how much masking tape she goes through?’. Well, the answer is NONE. That’s right, she does everything freehand… okay, now I really need to sit down. I met Kristin earlier this year when I was in California and, I can tell you, she is just as colorful as her fabulous work {and yes, I’ll be getting her on the podcast sometime in 2019!}

ps. Kristin also writes for Juxtapoz Magazine … seriously, the coolest chick ever.

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  1. Frances Marin /// 12.22.2018 /// 9:38am

    It was exciting to see Kristin’s work in your newsletter this morning! That first building is in my hometown San Jose, CA (painted for the Pow! Wow! San Jose festival). I love passing it by! Her work is magic!

  2. Mehmet /// 12.28.2018 /// 6:20am

    I love the colors and the patterns