oriana (kacicek) ingber

I think I gained 10lbs just writing this post. I’ve written about the deliciously realistic work of American painter Oriana (Kacicek) Ingber, but I just saw this peanut butter ‘n jelly sandwich on her homepage, and HELLO, time to write again! Mmmm… also, pie.

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  3. Bradford / Uncle Beefy /// 01.23.2019 /// 6:18pm

    Gasp and SWOON! That pb&j is GORGEOUS!

  4. Christine Tucci /// 01.23.2019 /// 8:47pm

    She is one of my favorite painters. Her work is so joyful.

  5. elisabeth /// 01.26.2019 /// 2:40am

    I’ve always been a fan of American realism, but this is absolutely gergeous. Thank you for bringing it to our Attention 🙂
    By the way, I love your blog..
    all the best from Austria

  6. Amy Tingle /// 01.26.2019 /// 5:25am

    Okay, I lied. The bananas piece was cool as hell but THIS SHIT IS BANANAS. My brain can’t comprehend how realism happens on a canvas. My head is exploding along with my heart . . . because PB&J and cherry fucking PIE.

  7. Shandra Smith /// 01.26.2019 /// 8:49am

    Wow these are amazing! Yum. My husband would love these…