liisa hietanen

Have you seen these amazing life-sized crocheted ‘n knitted works of fantastic-ness floating around the interweb? Well I have, and clearly I had to write about them too! This is the work of Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen, and here are her words about this series, titled “Kyläläiset (Villagers)”:

“I make sculptures by crocheting and knitting. The technique has become a way of thinking. It is continuous and present and allows a portrait to slowly find its character. I am currently working on a series called Kyläläiset (Villagers), which consists of portraits of my fellow villagers in Hämeenkyrö. I study the essence of familiarity and shared experiences. I meet the same familiar strangers every day on the street and our common world is the size of a small village. I am depicting the present moment by portraying my own surroundings, but at the same time I am bringing out something common to us all.”


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  1. Michele /// 02.12.2019 /// 11:48am

    These are amazing! The details, the technique, the concept. I am in awe.

  2. Nancy Gruer /// 02.12.2019 /// 3:38pm

    Really love your creative creations. It took me a while to realize the people and doggies you crochet are crocheted. They look alive.
    Hope you can teach more humans to be like you. Have fun,

  3. Caroline Kortenhorst /// 02.13.2019 /// 8:14am

    you are the best ! wow i love your work !

  4. Ann /// 02.15.2019 /// 11:21am

    She’s got a be a fan of Duane Hanson!

  5. Sharmon Davidson /// 02.15.2019 /// 4:41pm

    Ooooooh, now I get it! The one on the right IS real – both dog and human! I couldn’t tell on instagram!

  6. Amy Tingle /// 02.16.2019 /// 6:47am

    I am seriously losing my mind over these. I can’t stop enlarging the details. The book?!?!!! The Converse? The eyeglasses?? STOP IT. I am in love with this project.

  7. joanna /// 02.16.2019 /// 7:13am

    just the sweater alone would be daunting!!! and then I said, are these twins? then the dog with dreads and I said whooooa there. These are actually hand made!! I am in a knitting group helping with mindfulness and healing, so appreciate the work. Bravo bravo!!!

  8. Nancy Sapp /// 02.17.2019 /// 1:39pm

    OMGosh! OMGosh!! I just can’t get OVER these “Works of Crocheted heART!” All I can crochet is a chain stitch!! These are just UNBELIEVABLE!!