jill bliss

Gasp! This is the colorful, beautifully composed, mushroom-filled work of American artist Jill Bliss. She draws and paints as well, but it’s her “Art Medley” photograph series that has my heart. She clearly knows how to seek out the best bits of the forest, and then arranges them into vibrant odes to the great outdoors. And it turns out, Jill is truly committed to being one with nature:

“I spent my seminal childhood years on a plum and walnut farm in northern California, while my adult life as a designer and artist took place in the big cities of New York, San Francisco and Portland OR. In 2012 I sold most everything I owned and bought a van, embarking on a year-long self-imposed west coast sabbatical to reconnect with the slower natural pace and living things I knew and adored as a child. That sabbatical year has stretched into a new life chapter – I’ve been living, working, traveling and exploring amongst the Salish Sea islands of Canada and Washington State ever since.”

Sigh. So dreamy.

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  1. bffart /// 02.13.2019 /// 9:47am

    The color combinations are astounding!

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.13.2019 /// 7:25pm


  3. leigh hannan /// 02.14.2019 /// 3:59am

    can you get her on the podcast? I’ve been following her since at least the late 90s and am fascinated by her work!

  4. Marsha Klotz /// 02.14.2019 /// 7:05am

    Jill bliss are just mind blowing. It seems like artwork. Thanks for nice sharing.

  5. Melissa McCobb Hubbell /// 02.14.2019 /// 8:08am

    These are Lovely!

  6. Laura Larson /// 02.16.2019 /// 7:49am

    So gorgeous and unexpected

  7. Sarah Crane /// 02.17.2019 /// 10:02pm

    Really, really beautiful work! The colors and textures make me oh so happy. But as a lover of nature and one who respects it highly…do any of you think any ethics are involved with all the foraging that is being done by the artist? This is more just an open ended question. Maybe this is a good place to get others opinions.

  8. Judith Henderson /// 02.18.2019 /// 7:46am

    Foraging to me means someone is going through an area and taking everything they can find. I doubt this artist is doing that since she obviously loves nature. Also, won’t all of these elements eventually grow back?

  9. Bri Custer /// 02.18.2019 /// 4:11pm

    I couldn’t believe these were real at first! I’m blown away.

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