glenn barkley

Marshmallow-like dots and green lettering that I desperately want to touch. Speaking of which: “beyondthebrittletownsasleep”  “hereandnownotforever”   imayimightimust”   “idespair”   nevereinthefieldofhumankindness” … there, now you don’t have to squint/guess what they say! These amazing ceramic wonders are the work of Australian artist Glenn Barkley. I was already so impressed by his work, but then I read his bio:

“Glenn Barkley is an artist, writer, curator and gardener based in Sydney and Berry NSW, Australia. His work operates in the space between these interests drawing upon ceramics deep history, to popular song, the garden and conversations about art and the internet. He was previously senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (2008–14) and curator of the University of Wollongong Art Collection (1996–2007).”