uncommon thread {group show}

“Uncommon Thread” is my latest curatorial endeavor, and I could not be more proud! Soft sculpture made with thread, embroidered thread, paintings with thread, paintings of thread, and knitted thread… just kidding, that’s knitted GLASS. I mean, come on! Here’s my curatorial statement:

Thread – an everyday, utilitarian, domestic material – until you put it into the skillful hands of these artists. Winding, tying, twisting and stitching its way through the work of all seven featured artists, this is in fact the common thread that ties their work together. However, there is nothing common about the way these women manipulate their materials of choice, and their reasons behind the work itself. Paint, glass, ink and – yes – actual thread will be on display, resulting in a very uncommon group show. UNCOMMON THREAD features artists from Seattle to New York, Los Angeles to small town Canada.

The show is now open at bG Gallery in Santa Monica, but the opening reception is this coming Saturday March 16th 6 – 9pm. Go, be amazed, buy art. Thank you to bG for inviting me to do this, and thanks to these seven wonderful artists for participating : {the order above} Natalie Baxter, Sarah Detweiler, Nike Schroeder, Lindsay Arnold, Ellen Schinderman, Michelle Kingdom, and Carol Milne.