gretchen kelly

These “one-minute-nudes” are the work of Hudson, New York based artist Gretchen Kelly. Now, anyone who’s ever taken a life drawing class will know about these quick exercises… the model changing positions every 60 seconds so you have to work fast and make decisions on the fly. I did hundreds of these in art school. Um, NONE of them looked like this! Elegant lines, washy wonderfulness, and a fabulous celebration of – not only the female form – but also the creative process. Beautiful and confident.

ps. These lovely (affordable) pieces are available  in Gretchen’s shop.

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  1. Wendy Nooney /// 04.01.2019 /// 12:11pm

    Thank you for posting! Gretchen’s gestures are so beautifully done. I loved doing these quick exercises in my life drawing classes. No time to think, just do!