linnéa andersson

Plants on EVERYTHING! This is the bold and beautiful work of Swedish artist Linnéa Andersson. Clearly, she has found her creative voice, from subject matter to color palette. Also clear… I’m quite sure there’s not a surface in the world she would shy away from! Gorgeous.

comments (3)

  1. Marissa /// 03.27.2019 /// 10:04am

    Oh I’ve just been enamored with Linnea’s work since I saw it on instagram recently. Love her use of bold colors and a limited palette. That scale too…swooon.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.27.2019 /// 10:32pm

    yes, yes, and YES!

  3. jessica /// 03.28.2019 /// 8:34pm

    so much I love about this. I can’t even really articulate what about it appeals to me. Yes, as Marissa said, the bold colors, the consistency… but it’s greater than the sum of its parts, y’know?