clémentine de chabaneix

Will I ever get tired of writing about French artist Clémentine de Chabaneix? Non. Odd creatures, girls in masks, and that apple… oh, that apple. Actually, it’s one of her most recent pieces, and is titled ‘Apple-mouth
Tribute to Claude’ (Ceramic, Bronze, copper). I did a little digging, and the Claude this is dedicated to is Claude Lalanne, a French sculptor who just passed away in April of this year. Here is a little bit about her, and an insight into Clémentine’s tribute:

“Claude Lalanne was a French sculptor and designer most widely known for her work in the collaborative duo ‘Les Lalanne’ with her husband, François-Xavier Lalanne. Claude Lalanne’s personal work often manifested itself in the form of decorative flora and fauna, drawing from Surrealism and Art Nouveau in her furniture pieces. The artist also created jewelry which were often molded from twisted flowers, leaves, and branches made in copper and gilt bronze.” 

Women artists celebrating women artists… love, love, love. You can see ‘Apple-mouth, Tribute to Claude’ from now until July 15th at Domaine du Muy, a contemporary sculpture park in the south of France.

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  1. Katja /// 05.01.2019 /// 2:12am


  2. Brooke Peiffer /// 05.03.2019 /// 8:50am

    Love her work so much. Huge fan!

  3. Susannah /// 05.07.2019 /// 4:17am

    I just became a fan! These are sublime. Apple-mouth is wonderful, but the little cat holding the flower just grabbed me. I can’t stop looking. Is she forlorn, wistful contemplative? Is she about to say something? Just terrific!

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