ynd 223-14 cafe, korea

WHAT. A 2D cafe that you wander around in!? I want to go to there. It’s a perfect black and white wonder where you can drink coffee, eat fancy treats and, clearly, Instagram your little heart out! This is YND 223-14 Cafe (previously YND 239-20 Cafe before they moved a few doors down) in Seoul Korea. I love everything about this fabulous place, so obviously I messaged them immediately to find out who did the artwork… the founder/owner Eun-Jin Lee responded with, “me”. Wow.

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  1. Juanita /// 05.02.2019 /// 7:13am

    Danielle, you are not the only one… I want to go there, too! What do you think it is… maybe the “doll house effect” by being in something that is an artificial (although real) environment… we feel more in control of the surroundings??? It makes me want to play with my environment when i see this!

  2. Katja /// 05.04.2019 /// 3:11am

    on first sight I did not get it, but after reading and looking at the instagram pics with real people sitting in that room I find it amazing. so cool.

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