laura cooper (at heythere projects)

Mountains of bone-like ceramic tangles … if this work, by California based artist Laura Cooper, doesn’t  make you want to spend the weekend in the desert, well, I don’t what will. How’s that for a segue into the fact that these pieces will be part of the inaugural show at HeyThere Projects in Joshua Tree, California this Saturday, May 25 from 5-9 pm. A road trip to Joshua Tree + work by a whole bunch of amazing artists? You’re welcome. {Other artists in the show: Rob Clayton, Alejandra Fernandez and Carlos Ramirez}

HeyThere Projects is located near the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, and was initiated by intrepid artists and old friends Mark Todd and Aaron Smith both of whom have been on my podcast! Their gorgeous new gallery showcases emerging and established artists in a setting surrounded by vast natural splendor. 

{Laura’s bio photo by Molly Haas}

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