marisa veerman

Photogrembroiderwax. Okay, so here’s the thing… there’s no one simple category to pop this work into. Ethereal photography, delicate embroidery, tiny beads, and painterly wax all existing in this quiet, dreamy world created by Australian artist Marisa Veerman. Speaking of dreamy, here is her poetic artist statement:

“I have developed my techniques through a deep personal desire to find a peaceful silence.
To pause in an in between place. 
Stitching is a deliberate act of taking time.
To linger. 
To move forward slowly, quietly and with consideration.” 

Marisa has a new show about to open at Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane. It’s titled IN ALL SHE IS and is open from  September 14th through October 1, 2019.

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  1. bruna /// 08.21.2019 /// 10:09am

    dreamy confections!