xiaojing yan

When the materials list reads … lava stone beads, golden threads … yeah, I’m going to write about it. This installation, titled “Nebula”, is the most recent work of Toronto based artist Xiaojing Yan:

“Inspired by volcano eruptions and cosmos explosions, ‘Nebula’ takes viewers into a surrealist environment far beyond reality, across time, space and dimensions. Once volcanic eruptions swipe out original landscapes, fertile lands are created. Nebulae are formed by a collapse of astronomical clouds or planets that may in turn become a stellar nursery for the birth of new stars. Both nebulae and volcanoes share the similarity of accumulating millions of years of energy to reach its button for “reset”. Through the installation, Yan represents the moment where all past experiences collide to form a burst of infinite possibilities beyond ones original existence.”


{I found her gorgeous work via Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto}