“sam gets schooled” : AFYE ep.153

Another weekend, another new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR! If you didn’t hear last week’s kick-off episode, I’m shaking things up a little this season. Instead of interviewing artists about their personal journeys, I’ve recruited a group of creative experts to be my co-hosts. We’ll be digging deep into the nitty gritty of being Artists {with a capital A} covering a huge range of topics from critique to pricing. Today’s co-host is the kind and generous painter / art school professor, LA based Samantha Fields. The theme today… lessons that Sam has learned from her students! This runs the gamut from how to pencil in eyebrows to heart-wrenching stories of survival. You can listen right up there under that disastrous celebration, or subscribe on iTunes.

Here’s a rundown of everything you heard about on this episode. Let’s start with a few of Sam’s insane airbrush paintings, just to set the mood:

Boom! Literally. So unbelievably good. Okay, I can’t control myself… one more set of her jaw-dropping paintings:

Alright, now I feel better. I needed you to see all of that greatness.

Now, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I WANT SAM TO BE MY TEACHER! Here’s the manifesto she gives to her Art 307 students:

“Critique is our mirror”. I loved that part of our chat.

Okay, let’s take a peek into Sam’s home studio, shall we:

Works in progress, gouache sketches, and Sam’s bio photo… ? I asked her for a recent photo and this is what she sent, with this explanation: “The stars are the kind teachers give students, I liked that they were like a mask of affirmation!”  Ha! See, just another reason to love her sooooo much.

And finally, speaking of love… the @csun_squirrels_ :

I lay flat on my belly when it’s too hot out as well. And with that, I will say thank you to Sam for sharing all of her stories and lessons learned; huge thanks to THRIVE for supporting this episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR; and of course, thank you for listening ~ Danielle


Links, so many links {ie., proof that Sam really is a teacher!}

Gullah Quilts:
Mehri Dadgar has become an activist, telling her story via TEDx and her own book:
The Prison Arts Collective, Annie Buckley:
Toe Tag Parole: HBO Documentary. This was Yard A, where Sam taught with the Prison Art Collective:
Beatriz Cortez
Kristin Shomaker
Alex Kizu aka Defer
Oh, and Adrienne Kinsella’s creatures:

ps. The winner of Ashley Longshore’s stunning new art book is… Leila Simon Hayes!

comments (11)

  1. Lù /// 10.12.2019 /// 11:58am

    Hello Danielle, i can’t believe the timing of your podcast. I got fired a few weeks ago (not a bad thing, i’m switching to photography and art ), but i realized i wouldn’t see my colleagues\friends\sisters any more, and I’m crushed. A few days ago, i started to make them goodbye cards. And here i am gong nutz with my gelly rolls, and you talk about all these things. I cried during the whole show, but careful not to cry on the drawing. Thanks.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.14.2019 /// 8:56am

    oh no… NEVER cry on the drawings 🙂 good luck lu, it sounds like you’re on exactly the right path!

  3. Bradford /// 10.15.2019 /// 10:39am

    Oh, Danielle, woman, this episode… amazing. Samantha/Sam (which makes me think of “Bewitched”, btw) just sounds extraordinary and, like you, wish I’d had her in art school. How lucky her students – and your listeners – are to have her. And, of course, you sharing your grief over losing your dad hit especially home for me. It’s so f-ing painful and confounding, isn’t it? I’m still reeling in all of it. But, also like you, I am turning to art to reflect and rebuild and am wrapping up my day job in the next couple of weeks to focus solely on my art for the next year or two – or forever? And you have been a source of inspiration – for years, actually – in moving forward through all of this. You’re amazing. Congrats on the children’s book, Venice – OMG! Praying to the gods!, and thanks for being you, lady. Hugs and mwahs! xo B

  4. Bradford /// 10.15.2019 /// 10:41am

    p.s. – How much do I want to cover my face with stickers right now?! Or is that just me?

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.15.2019 /// 7:31pm

    hahaha! oh no, it’s not just you ; )

  6. Meredith Stoudenmire /// 10.19.2019 /// 3:30pm

    Hey Sam and Danielle! I loved this episode. The story about the woman that was imprisoned and tortured, yet found her way to art school and finally let all those feelings out through art was particularly meaningful. I wanted to tell you about Dining for Women. We have about 500 small groups around the country that get together once a month for dinner and learn about/give to charities that benefit women and girls in underdeveloped countries. Issues like sexual abuse, child marriage, female genital mutilation, access to healthcare and education. Check out http://www.diningforwomen.org if you want to learn more about it. We have lots of artists in my chapter and have great discussions.

  7. the jealous curator /// 10.20.2019 /// 8:03am

    thanks meredith!

  8. Maria Armijo /// 10.22.2019 /// 11:43am

    I cried big tears with your opening. Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m still stumbling with the loss of my mom five years ago. It was very comforting to hear your words. You are constantly are surprising me in the most profound ways. I love the new format too. You really rock.

  9. the jealous curator /// 10.22.2019 /// 6:28pm

    thanks maria … and i’m so sorry about your mom. lots of love to you.

  10. Jessica Moon Bernstein-Schiano /// 10.29.2019 /// 6:46pm

    Hi so glad the podcast is back in action! Not sure which new AFYE podcast I heard recently. but you mentioned at the end of one some inspirations on making art with whatever you find, trash, a plant, etc. I just can’t remember what the tag was for it #AFYE? cuz #artforyourear has a bunch of earrings.

  11. the jealous curator /// 10.29.2019 /// 8:24pm

    thanks jessica! it’s #AFYEprojects 🙂

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