misa gott

Aaaaaand, exhale. This is the work Tokyo born, UK based printmaker Misa Gott. These pieces are from her most recent series, titled “AOKI FUMU”, which translates to “stepping on green grass”. Sigh. Beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I usually just take a small excerpt from artists’ sites, but in this case I couldn’t decide! Here’s Misa’s entire artist statement:

“I am an artist printmaker working in south London. I was born in Japan and grew up on the outskirts of Tokyo, but have lived in the UK for more than half of my life. 

I produce intricate abstract images by cutting, layering and overprinting prints made using variety of printmaking techniques, mainly monotype, relief and collagraph. 

The starting point is always my relationship with nature, one that was forged in Japan where the natural world is woven into the fabric of daily life. Instead of Us and Nature there is a real day-to-day sense of Us as Nature.

My images are visual Haiku poems that celebrate the elusiveness and transiency of nature; their simplicity belying the complexities involved in their craft and production. They play with the juxtaposition within nature of apparent amorphous randomness and the underlying systems, patterns and rules. The inherent contrasts between randomness and regularities, fluidity and stability intrigue me.

Printmaking helps me to cultivate colours, shapes and patterns in my work. The process facilitates a sense of spontaneity and happy accidents. Nature is constantly changing, destroying and recreating in order to maintain a dynamic state. My practice explores this constant movement: Yuragi (dynamism/ fluctuation) in nature in the process of creating images. 

Through my work, I try to open up rooms for reflection, contemplation and imagination.  I hope the viewers will sense the flow and the shapes and patterns in my work will carry on evolving in their imagination.”

See? Beautiful. Happy Monday.