maximillian malone

Yes, I am completely dating myself by loving these bizarre, cartoony hand-cut collages… but I don’t even care! Mowgli, old school Spidey, JELLO?! Ah, my 1970s childhood is all rushing back to me. This is the whimsical work of Melbourne based collage artist / designer Maximillian Malone. He clearly has fun doing what he does, but I wonder if he has even more fun organizing his cuttings…

Yessssssssss. So satisfying! Seriously, anyone who puts this much obsessive effort into organizing their cuttings, well, they’re A-OKAY by me.

comments (2)

  1. Erin Newton /// 11.02.2019 /// 10:13am

    Oh wow

  2. Alison Keenan /// 11.03.2019 /// 8:58am

    Love this work!!