molly v. dierks

Sigh. This is the beautiful outdoor installation work of Texas based artist Molly V. Dierks, inspired by a Mary Oliver poem… both of which make we want to cry – not in a sad way, but with relief. Watch the video, listen to the sounds, breathe deeply, let your worries go, and just sing. Here are Molly’s words about this project, followed by Mary’s poem:

Inspired by the eponymous poem by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver, “I Worried” is a series of modified street signs that replace typical regulatory language with lines of Oliver’s poem about anxiety, vulnerability, and evolution.
Attaching electrodes to leaves and human skin, I recorded the music made by local plants, as well as by my body and those of other Franconia residents as we meditated on different states of being – worry, love, connection. This music was combined with nature recordings (wind, birds, water, frogs) to make original compositions. As viewers pass by, a solar-powered sound device vibrates the thin aluminum, and select signs act as speakers – ‘singing’ each unique song.

‘I Worried’ by Mary Oliver
“I worried a lot.

Will the garden grow,

will the rivers
flow in the right direction,

will the earth turn
as it was taught,

and if not how shall
I correct it?

Was I right, was I wrong, can I do better?

I saw that worrying had come to nothing.
And gave it up.

and went out into the morning,

and sang.”

Aaaaaand, exhale.