ashley longshore

So, I had a choice… I could wait until Ashley Longshore was back on the podcast in a few months to feature this new series, or I could write about it IMMEDIATELY. I chose the latter. Wowza, this is Ashley’s latest body of work that she just released into the world yesterday! Here are her words about these 60″x48″ beauties:

“When I was little, my sister and I used to play and put makeup on one another… it was always hilarious and funny to see the result… I have taken people in positions of power and “played” with them…… and I love it… this series is about joy and also the subjects were once playful children… I cant describe the happy I felt when I painted this collection… there are 10 subjects… some of the subjects were far more relatable to me after I “played” with them.”

At first the Queen was my favorite {obviously}, but then Wonder Woman took the lead… sorry, Liz. Email to get info on purchasing.

ps. Ashley is a guest judge – and is giving the designers an art/fashion assignment – on Project Runway tomorrow night, Thursday January 23rd! Hit record on your VCR, or whatever it is you kids do these days.